’s team


Nicolaï Tomov (Thomas) – FR

Founder of

In his capacity as a journalist, he has interviewed for TV channels and the written press, former Bulgarian and French Presidents and Prime Ministers, Members of the Assembly and MEPs, arts and culture celebrities. Director and producer of documentary films broadcast in different countries and selected in prestigious festivals in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Greece and Canada.

Jean-René Duchemann – FR


Journalist-image reporter for many national and international media: France24, Sky TG24, France TV, TF1, TNTV, Polynesia 1st …; Correspondent Reuteurs Moscow 2006 / 2007; Director of institutional films: Eurotunnel, Groupe Sarah Lee, Degriff’stock, Eurolinks.

Ivaylo Grouev – CA


Professor Ivaylo Grouev teaches political science at the University of Ottawa, Canada.
Contributed to various media organizations, academic journals and government publications in Bulgaria, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and USA. Writer and author of books in Political Science. He has over 30 years of experience as a journalist, political commentator and educator. Nominated with the prestigious” Capital Educator’s Award”-2012. Recipient of “Canada 150th Anniversary Medal”-2017.

Alexander Stoyanov – BG

Director in Bulgarian language

Specialized in 3D video animation, graphics, design, documentary films. Some of these documentaries (“The Gold of Thracians” and “Fate to be King”), have been selected in prestigious festivals in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Greece and Canada.

Sirma Yossifova – FR

Director in French / direction, editing

She has directed, filmed and edited several corporate, presentation, institutional and TV reportage films. Worked as a cameraman and editor on some documentaries for Alpha Zoulou Films (Canada), and for Via Sofia Productions (Bulgaria). Some of these documentaries have were broadcast internationally.

Mariana Tsandeva – CA

cameraman, coordinator

She graduated from VIAS in Sofia with a profession of civil engineer. She emigrated to Canada, where she is working to this day in the administration of various enterprises, including computer animation companies. Her hobby is to shoot with a video camera and after thousands of filmed hours acquires the professional experience of a video operator. Her interviews and reportages were also broadcasted on TV1 and TV Eurocom in Bulgaria.

Anne Dubois Thénin – FR

French Editor

Anne has more than 30 years of experience in French head offices, writing and communication, executive assistant, research manager, sales manager.

Zoryana Stoyanova – BG

Editor in Bulgarian

Zoryana is a Bulgarian language teacher and high school principal. She has worked as a reviser and editor for various publishing companies. At Zograv Editions, she has been an editor of novels, poetry books, and philosophy, sociology and literary essays.

Iva Deleva – FR


Actress in the theater and cinema in Bulgaria, she has performed in many characters. One of his films “Harry has left us” from Ranguel Valtchanov, co-produced by Valérie Seydoux, was presented at the Cannes festival.


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